Holidays: Strategy or Seasonal Noise?

Published 7 months ago • 2 min read

As holiday hashtags begin to jingle all the way into our feeds, let’s cut through the tinsel and get real about what marks holiday content tick. Was this forwarded to you? Anchor your spot here to sail with me every week.

Unwrap the gift of targeted content

🧂 Salty Insights

Before you deck your brand’s social halls or tweet in honor of #NationalWTFDay, hit the brakes.

• Does this holiday align with your brand’s story?

• Does it resonate with your core values?

• Will your community notice if you don’t post?

If not, it’s just digital clutter. Genuine engagement goes beyond a mere holiday shout-out, it’s about forging deeper connections.

I’ll be ok if my Cymbiotika vitamins(🧠Golden Mind and Magnesium L-Threonate FTW) don’t wish me a Happy Thanksgiving.

There is a time and a place. If your brand is eco-conscious, Earth Day isn’t just relevant–it’s essential. If you’ve built a community around health, World Health Day is your Super Bowl. Align holiday content with your brand ethos and make every post count.

Even better - show the BTS of your holiday party. People LOVE unexpected “secret” content!

⚓️ Anchor Your Success: Creating Content that Resonates

Craft Stories, Not Just Celebrations

Holidays are the stage, but your brand’s narrative is the star. If your content doesn’t stir your audience’s souls or reinforce your message, it’s merely contributing to the seasonal noise.

Strategize with Purpose

Choose holidays that align with your mission and can be leveraged to reinforce your brand’s position. If a holiday doesn’t fit, it’s okay to let it pass by. Focus on those that offer genuine engagement opportunities and can strengthen your community. This is a PERFECT time to surprise and delight! (my FAVORITE!)

Real Life Connection

Share how your team or brand celebrates certain holidays internally - the less produced, the better. A glimpse into your company culture can humanize your brand and create a stronger bond with your audience. Whether it’s a Giving Tuesday initiative or a behind-the-scenes look at your Halloween party, it makes your company relatable.

Inclusivity in Celebration

Celebrations are universal, yet diverse. While holidays can be a moment to connect, it’s important to approach them with a sensitivity that reflects the diversity of your audience. When choosing which to celebrate:

• Acknowledge the range of cultural festivities that resonate

• Choose universality over exclusivity

• Educate and celebrate

• Strive for a balance that respects all traditions

Evaluate and Adapt

Review past holiday posts’ performance. I guarantee you they were not your top-performing posts. What worked? What didn't? What resonates one year might not the next, stay adaptable and tweak your strategy based on real-time feedback and metrics.

You were all probably expecting me to dive hard into hashtag holidays. Real holidays are what need to be addressed first. My thoughts on hashtag holidays? They’re filler. They’re filler only those who directly oversee social care about. Not even the social media manager/community manager/content creator cares. They don’t matter. IDGAF if it’s national eat a donut with your friend who is a girl day (and I’m not sure why you think I would).

🌊 Brain Waves

Think about the last holiday post that truly engaged you. What made it stand out? Was it the seamless integration with the brand, the unique take or the genuine interaction that followed? Use these observations to inform your holiday content strategy.

Coca-Cola Polar Bears are what comes to mind, for me! 🐻‍❄️🥰

The content you love, no one else is doing.

It’s as simple as: “What hashtags spark genuine conversation?”

Until next week, dive deep into what makes your brand shine.

🪼 Chelsea

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